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Statement of Philosophy


A student typically comes to a classroom with preconceived notions of design with the influence of multi-media in the culture.  A teacher should provide the tools to move a student to developing a clear understanding of how they will want to apply their time, talents and education to  their future specialized profession.


In my profession I have learned that once you know who you are and the core of your identity this expands to how you relate to people and projects.  Every client and project is unique and yet has many common goals.  These goals and standards would be essential in teaching a future designer.  This separates the amateurs from the professionals and usually the client isn’t even aware of it.  Your personal style and professional reputation develops in the classroom in preparing to be displayed to the business world.  My goal as an instructor would be to teach the fundamentals to become building blocks for creative and new ideas for students while taking responsibility for their work and how it will impact the client, project and eventually social environments.


My experience from being a senior designer training new designers helped me to remember how important it is to pull from your education and then your experiences to blend together a course of action to take in approaching each area of the design process in projects.


The ultimate objective I have as an instructor  is to get the individual student to a place where he or she knows who they are and where they want to be in their profession.  I believe with this objective in mind that they will have confidence in their education and a healthy ambition for their professional future.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.