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School of Human Services Human Services Programs:

Associate of Arts
     The associate in arts degree is designed to satisfy the lower division requirments of bachelor of arts degrees, thereby, preaping students to transfer to an upper divison baccalaureate program. The studies required in this degree embody the characteristics of an educated person and generally place emphasis upon the social sciences, humanities, and professional fields within these disciplines.

Associate of Applied  Science
     The associate in applied science degree is generally awarded to those who successfully complete programs which emphasize preparation in the applied arts and sciencesand are designed to lead individuals to employment in a specific career.

Certificate programs
  Certificate programs, which gerenally take one year or two semesters of full-time course work to complete, are designed for students seeking to learn basic skills or to increase their proficiency in a specific occupational area. In a certificate program, students take skill-development courses in their field of insterest and a limited number of related courses. Graduates of certificate programs may use their credentials to seek immediate employment or may continue their studies in a degree program.

Advanced Skill Sets

    The Advanced Skill Set is designed to create a program of study in a specific area to expand current job skills or aquire new skills for entering a new field of work. The advanced skill is frequently connected to new techologies in the field focused. Many advanced skill sets include practical experiences to further the new skills and knowledge.

Skill Sets
     In today's work world in order for the students to remain competitive, they must adapt to change by seeking new knowledge and building upon their current talent to create the ability to preform a specific job. The skill set had been developed to assist the student with facing this challenge.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.