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M. Gail Morrison Interiors

M. Gail Morrison

304A Chestnut St, RR 4

Grafton, WV  26354





      Hello and welcome to my portfolio!  My name is Gail Morrison. I'm a registered nurse with a passion for Interior Design. I'm married with two grown daughters. I graduate with an Associates of Applied Design from Fairmont States's Pierpont Technical and Community College in December 2012.  My emphysis is in Interior Design.


My design approach is simple: What's the issue?

What are the available resources?

What's your fancy?



       My design philisophy is to create  surroundings pleasing to the  individual's desired taste. 

Our surroundings have a considerable impact on our psychological and physical well-being. I feel we should invest in those spaces wisely and be diligent in making them safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing.


       Thank you for stopping by!  Hope you enjoy!







DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.