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From the link below, you can access the reading

level tests I created for this economics textbook:  


You can download a copy of my tests and the samples here:  Reading_Levels.pdf


According to the FRY readability test (not included in the PDF above), this book scored in the college reading level area.


After preparing CLOZE, MAZE, and GII (Group Instructional Inventory) reading level tests and administering samples of the work (found in the PDF file above), the following results were concluded:


CLOZE Test Score:  Frustrational

MAZE Test Score:  Frustrational

GII Test Score:  Independent (and student reading at 173.5 wpm)


What do these scores represent?  Why did the last test come up with such different results?

Interpreting the Results

IndependentStudents can read the material individually without previous instruction from the teacher and maintain a 90% comprehension level.  This is the level at which supplemental reading should be assigned.
InstructionalStudents can read the material with the help of a teacher and maintain a 70% or greater comprehension level.  This is the level at which students should be taught.
FrustrationalStudents cannot comprehend or benefit from this reading level.  The material is too difficult for the students.


You have to be careful when you are conducting reading level tests, because different types of tests will provide different results (as seen above).  It is good practice to be uniform throughout your selection process.  In my personal opinion, the GII test is the most accurate, as it is the only test that allows students to venture into the reading material at their own pace and answer content questions accordingly.


What is a reading level really used for?  Why is it important?


As a teacher, one of the largest aids in our classroom is the textbook.  We need to know whether or not our students are going to be able to read and comprehend their material from the book or whether we will have to seek out resources elsewhere.  We want our classroom to be functioning at an instructional level, providing students with a challenge while remaining at a high comprehension level.


One day, as a teacher, I may have to be on a committee to select new textbooks for a certain class, and readability and reading levels will be an important consideration, alongside the content.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.